Green Shoe Animation offers animation and design services for broadcast, gaming, and the web. Our team of skilled animators and designers have professional experience with directing, character design, visual development, storyboards, animation (2D & 3D), game asset creation, art direction, and episodic animation production. We have had the pleasure to work with companies including Playdom, ESPN, Storm 8, McDonald's, FX, Paws Inc., and Marvel Comics.

Krogzilla Meets John O'Hurley!

Check out Episode 4 of Krogzilla guest-starring John O'Hurley (Seinfeld) as another fantastic boss!


Silly Monster Media hired Green Shoe to animate this spot for the 2012 BigStuf Production.  Enjoy!

BigStuf 2012

BigStuf TV from Silly Monster Media on Vimeo.

Krogzilla Episode 3

Check out episode 3 of Krogzilla, animated by Green Shoe Animation!

Krogzilla Episode 02 Designs

Check out some design work done by the amazing artists at Green Shoe for Episode 2 of Krozilla on Shut Up! Cartoons.  We were particularly fond of the Marcus version with the...well, green shoes!

Krogzilla Episode 02

Check out the latest installment of Shut Up! Cartoon's Krogzilla, animated by Green Shoe!

Krog Behind the Scenes

Enjoy some early character design and color choices for the HR Director featured in the first episode of Krogzilla!

Green Shoe Animates Krogzilla Episode 1

Meet Krogzilla!  Green Shoe provided the characters and animation for the first of 10 episodes of the new show!  Enjoy!

Krogzilla Teaser

Krogzilla is upon us!  Stay tuned this week for the first episode of KROGZILLA on youtube!  The Green Shoe team had a blast animating this web series for Shut Up! Cartoons.

Krogzilla Teaser

Krogzilla gets animated by Green Shoe

We are excited to announce that Green Shoe has been working on a brand new web series for the new youtube channel, Shut Up! Cartoons.

Written by Corey Edwards (Hoodwinked), Krogzilla Gets A Job will have its premiere very soon! Keep checking the site for release dates and behind the scenes artwork!

GSA Designs Select Characters for Marvel: Avengers Alliance

As Marvel: Avengers Alliance comes hurdling towards your Facebook accounts in the next few months, we wanted to share with you a few designs that our artists here at Green Shoe created! Check out Colossus and the Human Torch above for some of our work!